Seniors who either live alone or even with family, may find themselves isolated or bored to say the least. This is especially the case if they are not physically healthy. So, in order to improve quality of life, here are some ways that home healthcare agencies in Long Island, NY, can come in handy.

  • Daily Routine Care : Seniors often find it difficult to prepare elaborate or healthy meals for themselves, owing to other difficulties such as going grocery shopping and having to cook. Home healthcare agencies in Long Island provide support in these cases either by having someone come over for a short while to help cook a meal everyday or to go grocery shopping when required. Studies have also shown that seniors become healthier simply by having someone ensure that their prescription medications are taken consistently, without missing doses every other day.
  • Medical Care: If the elderly has medical conditions that limit movement, or have disabilities or have dementia or other conditions of that make them prone to wandering, closer care is needed to ensure their safety. Hence trained professionals can be engaged to ensure the safety of such elders. They will also be able to monitor vitals, handle medical equipment such as an oxygen cylinder, ventilator, injectable medications or even provide physiotherapy treatments as and when required without the elderly having to leave home for these services.
  • Companionship: Although registering a senior in an assisted living environment could benefit them, many are emotionally distressed at this thought. So, carers can be engaged to come over on an hourly basis to improve the social and emotional health of seniors.