home healthcareEvery family might have come across a family member who was touched by Alzheimer disease which takes over the lives of the people. Many research have devoted years, trying to understand the cause of disease and how to reduce their risk, but didn’t found the exact reason, however they found something, that there is a potential link between Alzheimer disease and hearing loss and mostly occurs after the age of 65.

Alzheimer and Hearing Loss

A recent research conducted by a team of healthcare professionals says, the people with hearing loss were 24% more likely to have Alzheimer’s and also the worse the hearing loss was, the more likely the person was to develop dementia.

These studies doesn’t say that hearing loss itself causes dementia, but it says, there is a link between the Alzheimer and hearing loss.

Few theories that predicts the link between Alzheimer’s and hearing loss lists the following reasons,

  • Change in brain function
  • Cognitive load
  • Social isolation
  • They share a cause

Though we don’t know the exact relationship between hearing loss and Alzheimer is due to some combination of them, keep the step toward being able to do something about it.

Bottom Line

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