At times, families would have to deal to with an intricate and distressing situation, when they cannot leave their single parents alone in their home. Raising the question of relocating them to an assisted living facility can be very difficult, as most of the elders would want to age in their own place of reside. Fortunately, home health care agencies in Nassau County offer plenty of personalized in-home care services to elderly people in order to ensure their safety and health. Here are the indications your loved ones require a home health care in Nassau County,

Repeated fall accidents

If your parents mention falling down while performing regular activities around the house or experiencing any balance issues, take that as a warning sign. Fall accidents often result in major injuries, and then it would be too late to realize that they should not have been left alone in the first place.

Noticeable changes in home

Though messiness is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to upkeeping a house, sudden disheveled appearance after long years of neat and order may indicate a repressed cognitive behavior or the fact that they could not handle regular household chores anymore. Also other than the unpleasant surrounding, an uncluttered home also enhances the risk of fall accidents and attracts pests.

Loss of weight

This may due to poor food habits or their sudden inability to shop groceries, prepare meals and consume foods regularly due to forgetfulness.

So if you happen to any of these signs, consult with a home health care specialist immediately.