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When searching for the best in Home Care Atlantic Beach, consider TLC Companions. TLC Companions has been serving its clients with professional, compassionate and caring home assistance. If you have a loved one that is home alone all day, has a medical condition that would require assistance with their daily tasks of living, consider Home Care Atlantic Beach. The daily tasks of living are bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and incontinence care. Whether your loved one has had a stroke and is unable to perform these tasks, or is recovering from a surgical procedure, or has a memory deficit. TLC Companions can in fact not only help with assistance, but also provide the companionship that is so important for self esteem as well. Of course, those patients that are considering home care, all have to undergo an evaluation to establish the level of care that will be required. There are also different plans to address different needs. TLC Companions also has a program called care management.


This is a service where together the case manager and the family can choose the home health plan that best suits the patients needs. They can also assist with Medicaid planning as well. They offer assistance with eligibility requirements, documentation and the application itself. They can also help to coordinate visits, care and know that their expertise is unmatched. 


Home Care Atlantic Beach is for patients that are homebound. It also can be for patients that are currently awaiting a bed in a nursing home and require a type of bridge care until the bed becomes available. The services provided depending on plan chosen, consist of meal preparation, medication reminders, personal care such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and incontinence care, transportation to and from medical appointments, grocery shopping and light housekeeping and laundry services. In addition, of course the home health care aide will make sure that the environment is a safe one as well. They will make sure that there are no objects for the patient to trip over, address shoelaces, etc. These services are also available for patients that have undergone orthopedic surgery such as hip or knee replacement. Of course, this care is on a temporary basis whereas senior care may be for a longer term.

Atlantic Beach Home Care

TLC Companions has been serving the health care industry with compassionate and caring assistance by professional care givers specifically trained in this type of care. For more information regarding all of the services provided, you may simply click on the attached link https://tlccompanions.com/. There, you will be able to read more about their expertise and assistance with home care management. Home Care Atlantic Beach is also comforting care for the family as well. TLC Companions understands that family members cannot always be there to provide a meal, check on status or help bathe their loved one. This can be due to time constraints, other obligations, distance or physical inability. Whatever the reason, how nice to know that TLC Companions can help keep a watchful eye and provide life enhancing support and care. The services provided can in fact be life altering. If you would like to speak with a representative of TLC Companions, you may do so by calling directly to 516 719-0909. There, they can assist you with general information, insurance participation information and help you to schedule an appointment. You will find that they are always there to assist you or other family members in making sure that your loved one is cared for and supervised.


If you have a loved one that is currently anticipating an upcoming surgery, now is the time to make the arrangements for Home Care Atlantic Beach. You do not have to wait for physician’s approval for these services. Sometimes, patients choose to go to a rehabilitation center because they know that they will be unable to perform certain tasks at home on their own. It is a known fact that patients tend to recover and rebuild and strengthen best when in their own home. With the assistance of TLC Companions, your loved one can return home post- surgery knowing that they will get the assistance, even if temporary so they can return home. Being with family, pets and in the comforts of your own bed can truly aid in recovery. You can all TLC Companions today and schedule an appointment to arrange for evaluation as soon as you know the date of surgery. TLC Companions provides you with the reassurance that your loved one is not alone. That someone will be checking in and providing the care that they need for their well-being. When it comes to Home Care Atlantic Beach, know that TLC Companions is exactly what you have been searching for. Comfort and care in the privacy of your own home.