When you start to notice that your aging parent could use more help with their daily activities and are having difficulty living independently, because of a walker or a wheelchair or even because of memory loss. You begin to think of various options available, that provide assistance with the elderly in the home.

Studies have shown that seniors are happier and are able to enjoy life better when living in familiar surroundings such as their own home or their children’s home. So it’s only natural that your first resort is to engage some help at home especially in your absence. Here are a few good options available to you:

  • Hourly, Daily or Live-in Custodial Care : Custodial care involves help in terms of walking/moving around, eating, bathing, dressing, providing companionship and also running errands. This type of care does not require the carer to be trained medically. The length of time you require help in the home can be varied such as for a hour or two, or for about 9 to 12 hours a day or Live-in care where the carer lives in the home along with the senior member requiring care.
  • Skilled Care : If your elderly parent has special needs, has a minor disability or a condition such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parinson’s, or uses a ventilator and needs their vitals to be monitored regularly, then, Home healthcare services in Long Island NY can be opted for.

Home healthcare services in Long Island can be expensive. However some part can be covered by insurance, so your investment will only be partial.