Geriatric Care Management

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Planning for Home Health Care

At TLC, we want the best for each client and their loved one when it comes to choosing the perfect Home Health Care plan. Our Geriatric Care Management system is designed to make choosing a Home Health Care plan an easy process, offering services that will help determine which plan is right for you.

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Geriatric Care Management

Our Geriatric Care Manager offers guidance for choosing the Home Health Care plan that best suits your loved one’s needs and ensures that they continue to retain their independence.

Medicaid Planning

Our Medicaid Planning process can help ease any potential financial burdens and minimize costs for Medicaid, as well as provide assistance with Medicaid eligibility, required documentation, and application.


Home Care Planning and Coordination

Our staff is trained to advise in the application and admissions process for our Home Health Care services, including companion selection, home visits, and completing the Patient Review Instrument (PRI).

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