Alzheimer's Care SyossetDid you know that five million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s? Believe it or not, every 66 seconds, one American develops Alzheimer’s, having to endure the early stages as they rapidly begin to develop. At TLC Companions, we know that this disease is on the rise, and there is currently no cure to stop, delay, or reverse the progression of Alzheimer’s. However, certain treatments and services can help with existing symptoms and really improve the quality of your life!

One of the most telling signs of Alzheimer’s disease, especially in the early stages, is forgetting recently developed information. Others include losing track of important dates or events, repeatedly asking the same questions, and increasingly needing to rely on memory aids (sticky notes or electronic devices), or family members for things they used to handle on their own.

TLC Companions in-home Alzheimer’s care Syosset has helped Alzheimer’s patients continue to carry out their daily activities and responsibilities within the comfort of their familiar home environment, assisted by one of our kindhearted companions. From the simplest to the most strenuous of tasks, our staff is prepared to walk with you through this uncertain chapter of your life and figure out a care plan that works towards a fuller quality of life.

When we meet with you for the first time, we will begin by assessing your individual situation, assist you through the entire application process, and develop a personalized care plan. We then hand-select a skilled companion to assist your daily regimens, providing compassionate friendship, attention, and support for your needs and obligations.

Our caregivers at TLC’s Alzheimer’s care facility are thoroughly screened and trained to supply the highest standard of care for our beloved Alzheimer’s patients. They work tirelessly to ease the worry of your loved ones by offering you a sense of security and stability, as well as peace of mind that you are well taken care of; All the while, encouraging independence and dignity.

Alzheimer’s Care Facility

At TLC, we like to really go above and beyond to help our Alzheimer’s patients. Whether that means running errands for you, bringing you to your medical appointments, performing light housekeeping, cleaning, and laundry services, coordinating personal care treatments for you to look and feel your best, distributing medication, or even just spending some time together chatting about your life and experiences.

Each companion adores hearing about our clients’ past hobbies and memories, hopes and dreams, and getting to know you on a personal level. Considering whatever needs you may have medically, physically, and socially, your companion will be there every step of the way to accommodate you, with 24/7 on-call availability.

With our care packages, you have the option to receive hourly, daily, or a live-in companionship. Our staff is eager to meet you or your loved one and help them to still see the beauty of all that life has to offer. Alzheimer’s may be a rapidly forming disease, but we can ease those current symptoms and help to revive your beautiful, individual spirit.

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There is a multitude of resources to refer to, whether you’d like more information on Alzheimer’s Care Syosset/Dementia and how we cater to our patients, or testimonials of those who we’ve had the pleasure of keeping company with. We are available 24-hours a day to take your call and would love to walk you through Medicaid eligibility and finding you the perfect companionship candidate. (516) 719-0909. You deserve to live your best life – Alzheimer’s doesn’t have to take that away from you. Call TLC today!