At Home Care for Seniors on Long IslandTLC Companions is a Family Owned home healthcare provider operated by Robin and Greg Massimi, with the hopes of enhancing the quality of life of the most vulnerable among us. Our seniors need a bit more than just regular healthcare.

At times, they need someone to help them with the most basic daily tasks. At others, they simply require that morale boost to get them through their daily hurdles.

We at TLC companions offer At Home Care for Seniors on Long Island. We cater not only to elders who live on their own but also to those under the care of relatives who are just too busy to handle all the work related to senior care and who need some relief so that they can get on with other important chores.

Our At Home Care for Seniors (on Long Island) include:

  • Friendship and social interaction.
  • Preparation of meals in the context of regular and special diets.
  • Reminders to take medication.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Light housekeeping chores, such as laundry and cleaning.
  • Rides to attend appointments at the doctor’s office, as well as for carrying out other important errands.
  • Assistance with personal care activities like bathing or toileting.
  • Preserving a safe environment to elude common health and safety hazards at home.

Our Companions (At Home Care for Seniors on Long Island)

Long Island is in urgent need of companions with the necessary pedigree, expertise, and character to perform this delicate job. We strongly believe that our seniors deserve it!

For this reason, at TLC Companions we follow a very strict and meticulous recruitment process through which we evaluate our candidates’ academic background, criminal records, and personalities. We ensure that only the best companions are selected for the job.

Our thoroughly-trained companions are, furthermore, endowed with the best attitude, as well as the skills to tackle senior care duties under the most challenging circumstances. They’ll be capable of dealing with elders suffering a wide array of ailments, from motor disabilities to Alzheimer’s.

Our commitment is to create the necessary conditions so that our beloved elders can retain their independence amidst all kinds of impediments related to their advanced age.

We understand the hardships that seniors face when struggling with tasks that they could effortlessly perform in their youth. Our TLC Companions are physically and mentally equipped to handle this emotional baggage and empathize with their pain.

Our At Home Care Services

TLC Companions provide services in a variety of ways, according to the specific demands that need to be addressed.

You are not tied to a specific plan. We can adapt our working schedule so that our companions are there when they’re needed the most. In that sense, companions can be delivered to accompany Long Island seniors on an hourly, daily, or live-in basis.

Free Virtual Home Care Assessment

At TLC Companions, we are devoted not only to providing on-site elder support but also online assistance. Our Free Virtual Home Assessment service (currently valued at $150) offers aid to Long Island seniors via FaceTime or Skype. Call (516) 719-0909 or fill out the form below.

We Home Care on Long Islandcan answer questions you may have, offer info on insurance participation and help you to schedule an appointment. TLC Companions participates in Medicaid programs as well.

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    About TLC Companions New York

    TLC Companions are Family Owned and Operated by Robin and Greg Massimi and have been serving the community of Long Island & NYC for 30+ years.

    We provide long-term and short-term care on an hourly or live-in basis. Our caregivers will come to your home or assisted living facility to give you peace of mind that we care for your loved ones.


    “TLC is the BEST! My dad had Alzheimer’s, and I used various home care agencies with him (had assorted problems with all of them). When my aunt started needing care – around 4 years ago – I decided to give TLC a try, as the company was compatible with her Long Term Health Insurance. I have only one word to describe them after all this time – FANTASTIC! They are the most caring, connected, compassionate people around. I trust the girls completely with my aunt. I don’t know what I would do without them! I recommend them 100 million%, without reservation. They go above and beyond!”