Home Care FarmingdaleWhen it’s time to find care for an elderly loved one, it can be difficult to know where to start. You need to identify their needs and understand how you can meet those needs by choosing the right elements for their care package. If you need help with ensuring your loved one receives the best care, a geriatric care manager can help you. This specialized role is designed to help you create a long-term care plan and find the right care services. The role is often fulfilled by someone who is a registered nurse or a social worker. If you want to find Care Management Long Island, we can help you.

How Can a Geriatric Care Manager Help You?

A geriatric care manager is specially trained to help you find the right care resources. It is their role to identify the needs of your loved one, and assist with matching those needs to the best care services. This includes evaluating in-home care needs and helping to choose care companions who are suited to the requirements. The geriatric care manager will coordinate medical services and take steps to help people retain their independence in their homes or other care settings as much as possible.

How Can You Find Care Management Long Island?

When you are ready to look for a geriatric care manager, there are several steps that you can take to find the services that you need. Some organizations can recommend services for care management in Long Island. The government’s Eldercare Locator website is also a useful resource to help you discover some options in the right area. Some support groups and charities that are related to aging might be able to make some recommendations for you too. You might also find a care provider first, and they can provide a geriatric care manager.

Things to Look for in a Care Manager

Interviewing a geriatric care manager can help you to choose the right professional for your needs. There are various questions that you might want to ask and factors to consider. For example, you might ask them if they are licensed as a geriatric care manager, as well as how long they have been providing their services. It can also be useful to know when they are available, if their company provides home care services, and whether they can provide you with references from previous clients.

Work with a Care Provider’s Geriatric Care Manager

Sometimes you might find a care services provider first, and they can provide you with a geriatric care manager’s services. At TLC Companions Home Health Care, our geriatric care manager is available to help you. Our care manager provides you with guidance to choose a Home Health Care plan. They assess your needs and help with choosing the best services that will allow them to retain their independence while receiving the best care.

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