home healthcare services in nySearching for home healthcare services in NY? Surveys suggest that as many as 7.6 million permanently disabled and chronically or terminally ill individuals in the US opt for home care services.

While most of the recipients are over 65 years old, many are younger individuals who have been discharged from hospitals and continue to require rehabilitative care.

One of the biggest advantages associated with hiring a reliable home healthcare service in Long Island NY is the financial benefit attached to it.

How is Hiring Home Care Agencies in Long Island Financially More Viable?

Studies show that providing care of an individual at home is a lot cheaper than keeping them at the hospital. Today, home healthcare services in long island are able to provide a complete range of services for individuals who are discharged from the hospital but still require a certain level of medical attention during their recovery.

Financial Benefits of Opting for Home Care Services

By bringing a patient home from the hospital, not only is he able to recover in an environment he is most comfortable with, but by hiring a reliable caregiver, you are cutting out a host of other expenses involved such as –

  • Cost of hospitalization
  • Loss of income due to missed days of work
  • Everyday transport to and from the hospital

Furthermore, a patient’s medical needs may change over a period of time. Providing care at home offers the flexibility needed to alter treatment modalities to fit the needs of the patient without having to bear the costs of facilities that the patient isn’t actually using.

Choose TLC Companions For Home Health Care Service

Hiring a knowledgeable professional can help your elderly family member by being a companion, and help with other personal needs. TLC home health care service providers will take care of more common tasks while you are at work.

Such as, cooking, companionship and conversation, driving and transportation needs, helping with using the bathroom, meal planning and preparation & running errands and shopping. They can even take your loved one to the doctor in case of emergencies.

Browse online, and do more research to find the best home healthcare services in NY. Contact and interview them to check whether they are right for your loved parent or grandparent.