Home care Middle VillageHome care Middle Village enables seniors to remain in the one place that they are truly familiar with: their home. They do not need to settle into a new property, can retain a lot of their own independence, and rely on the support and care that we at TLC, offer all of our home care clients. We will work with the client as well as you, their friends and family, to create a personalized care plan.

Interaction And Companionship

Research suggests that around one third of seniors living in the US are lonely. This loneliness can negatively impact physical and mental health, memory and recall, and even life expectancy. This can be especially problematic following the death of a spouse or if family have moved away.
With TLC home care Middle Village senior residents can enjoy weekly or even daily visits from one of our companions. We can even accompany our clients on medical visits, not only providing support but assisting in the care of the client.

Assistance With Medication

It is vital that seniors take the proper medication, at the right time. Taking too much of any particular medication can prove dangerous, and failing to take the required tablets can have an equally damaging effect.

Our companions can help sort medication, insert them into daily tablet tubs, and can ensure that the client takes their medication when required. We will also monitor medication levels and ensure that new prescriptions are ordered, when required.

Personal Care

Everybody deserves to live with dignity and in healthy living conditions. Our personal care services mean that a companion will assist with bathing, toileting, and can even get the weekly groceries, prepare and serve meals to the client. Not only does this enable a person to live with dignity, but it enables the companion to ensure that the client is well fed.


Our companions will perform some light housekeeping duties. Tasks like ironing or folding clothes and putting them away are relatively simple to the companion, but they can be an exhausting and painful challenge to the client. We will also ensure laundry is done and that the house is kept in reasonable condition.

Safe Environment

Another benefit of having a TLC companion complete light housework is that it helps to maintain a safe and healthy environment. We will ensure that hazards are removed, that the house is set up to benefit the client, and we will maintain these living conditions so that the client can continue to enjoy the level of independence they want in their own home. Accidents in the home are a common cause of injuries for seniors, but we can help avoid them.

TLC Home Care Middle Village

TLC offers home care Middle Village seniors can really benefit from. We will establish a personalized care plan, provide companionship, and can ensure that our clients take the right medication, eat a decent meal, and they can live in good conditions.

We can help prevent the need for our clients to have to move to assisted living facilities or to residential and care homes. Contact us today to set up a custom care plan.