Home Health Care Garden CityYou don’t have to look very far to find quality Home Health Care Garden City.  TLC Companions has been lovingly providing this service for Long Islanders, including residents of Garden City.  Let the trained professionals at TLC ease your burden and take care of your loved ones.  You will be able to maintain your work and personal calendar, and know that your parent is in the best hands possible.  Best of all, they will be safe and comfortable in their own home.

This Home Health Care Garden City includes personal grooming with dignity being of the utmost importance.  Your loved one will get the help they require to look and feel their best.  They will enjoy meal preparation by their companion.  This will ensure that they will not injure themselves with a knife, or burn themselves on a stove.  An added benefit is that they will actually eat.  Elderly people tend to be afraid to eat alone for fear of choking.  You will notice that they will maintain a healthy weight when they actually feel safe to eat.

TLC Companions will help keep the house humming.  They will do light housekeeping and laundry.  If errands need to be run, they will do this also.  Additionally, they will transport your loved one to and from doctor visits.  This allows for your loved one to receive timely care while also freeing up your schedule.  TLC’s Home Health Care Garden City also includes medication reminders.  Your loved one will be reminded to take the proper dosage at the times prescribed.  No need to worry about skipped doses.

If you feel like we do, that the services provided by TLC Companions will be a huge help for you and your family, click here to get started!  A representative will walk you through every step of the way.