Home Health Care JerichoAmerica’s elderly population is expected to double over the next forty years. With this in mind, TLC Companions of Bethpage, Queens, & New Jersey have made it their mission to serve the elderly community with outstanding care and attention. Our person-centered home health care Jericho program revolves around providing assistance in-home to elders and disabled persons.

With hourly, daily, or live-in care as our main focuses, we at TLC Companions have a skilled staff with a lot of heart. Providing exceptional care and a sense of security to you or your loved one is not just part of the home health care services we offer, but a priority throughout your entire experience with us.

TLC’s caregiving team is united in the notion that regardless of one’s condition or age, all human beings deserve to live in an environment that supports their most optimal health and wellness. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, and everyone needs a friend. If you or your loved one are seeking interaction and friendship, meal preparation, medication reminders, doctor visit transportation, light housekeeping, grocery shopping/errands, and professional services for eldercare needs, all and more are offered to you on an hourly, daily, or live-in basis. (A complimentary initial in-home care assessment is available, via skype or FaceTime call, due to the Corona Virus pandemic! We appreciate our stellar staff for continuing to work, tirelessly for our elderly community!)

We know it can be intimidating to allow a stranger into your home, and that is why at TLC, all of our caregivers are thoroughly screened, and trained in proper care procedures and techniques in the event of any medical emergency. Allow us to provide you with a quality caregiver who truly has your best interest in mind. Someone whom you can trust, and really feel comfortable with in regards to companionship and the support you need while maintaining your independent lifestyle. We want to give your family peace of mind for those moments when they are not available to assist you. We know life can be hectic and we need you to know, your loved one is in great hands with us.

Home Health Care Services

Upon meeting you, we will be able to assist in creating a personalized plan that best fits your medical, physical, emotional, and social needs, introducing you to a companion who longs to give you a higher quality of life and a helping hand. All of our caregivers are regularly trained in infection control, medical emergencies, and have the tools to assist you in many facets of your life that need tending to.

If you are interested in receiving home health care Jericho, visit our website today for your free virtual home healthcare assessment! https://tlccompanions.com/ Check out our resources available for you to browse, such as a compilation of our care services, frequently asked questions, testimonials of our clients, home safety checklists and photo gallery. Give us a call if you need any further information before filling out your application with us! (516) 719-0909. We look forward to getting to know you very soon!