Home Care BabylonTLC Companions provides the best in Home Care Babylon. If you have or know someone who is recovering from surgery, is homebound, is a senior with dementia or has an illness, have them call TLC Companions. They are a home care company that has a stellar team of care providers that can assist the homebound with the tasks of living. There are many different plan options from which to choose. Upon acceptance, an evaluation is done to establish the level of care that will be required. Some may only require assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting or incontinence care. Some may require meal preparation, housekeeping and a host of other possibilities. For instance, if your loved one has been discharged from a hospital and is returning home, they may require short-term Home Care Babylon. They can get assistance with many of the tasks of living that encompass housekeeping as well. There is assistance with meal preparation, medication reminders, personal care such as above, bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and incontinence care. There is transportation to and from medical appointments, grocery shopping, light housekeeping with vacuuming, dusting, bathroom, linen changing, laundry and simply providing a safe environment. All of this available now from TLC Companions. 


TLC Companions also has a care management program that helps the family choose the home health plan that best suits the patients needs. Since all patients do not require the same assistance, or may not qualify for certain options, this is a tremendous help to the family. They can help you to determine the options that your loved one qualifies for. In addition, they can help with Medicaid planning as well. They have a plethora of knowledge regarding eligibility requirements, documentation and can help with the actual application as well. You cannot pass up their expertise in this specific field of insurance. Know that TLC Companions participates in private health insurance plans, Medicare and Medicaid programs as well.

Babylon Home Care

Home Care Babylon is not for the rich. It is available to those patients that truly deserve the benefits. In most cases, insurance will pick up a portion of the fees. You can discuss insurance participation with your TLC Companions representative. They are available Monday thru Friday during regular office hours. For more detailed information you may simply click on the attached link https://tlccompanions.com/. You may also call directly to 516 719-0909. 


Having Home Care Babylon can help the homebound in so many ways. It provides companionship which is usually much appreciated. Just knowing that a friendly face is going to come and spend some time is a good thing. It also is an advantage for the patient because they can depend on knowing that the care taker will definitely show up. If they need something, they will have someone to ask. Also, it is a wonderful way for them to establish their self esteem as well. They will feel refreshed after their shower, having clean sheets and knowing they will have a prepared meal. Something to look forward to for those who sit and watch TV all day. Just having conversation can truly bring someone out of a depression. Of course, some of these options may not be those that your loved one qualifies for which is why having the use of the care manager is so important. They can truly be your patients advocate as well.


TLC Companion has been providing excellence in care for the homebound for years. They have dedicated and educated staff that is specifically trained in the areas of comfort, care and companionship. They also provide care for those patients with a diagnosis of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and those with early stage memory loss. Whether your loved one or family member is awaiting a bed in a nursing home for specific memory loss care, or the family would like them to remain home for as long as possible, TLC Companions can be of assistance. If your loved one is anticipating an upcoming hip, knee or joint replacement, speak with a representative to arrange for homecare for the first few weeks to help with light housekeeping, meal preparation and possibly help with transportation to and from physical therapy. There are many reasons that your loved one may require home healthcare assistance. But you won’t know if they qualify without calling. Helping your loved one through their difficult time is what TLC Companions is all about. Get the care that they deserve with the dignity and respect always provided by the workers in the field of Home Care Babylon at TLC Companions. They help by also offering comfort to the family knowing their loved one is getting the care in their absence. Not all families can be there 100 % of the time and that is understandable. TLC Companions can help make sure attention and care are available.