Homecare QueensIf you or your loved one are seeking interaction and friendship, medication reminders, transportation to doctor’s visits, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and professional geriatric services, TLC Companions offers home care services on an hourly, daily, or live-in basis to those who need a little assistance, independence and wish to stay in the comfort of their own home rather than an assisted living center.

TLC Companions have made it their mission to take care of our growing elderly population, with concise, compassionate homecare Queens. TLC’s team of knowledgable caregivers are united in the same perspective that regardless of physical condition, mental condition, or age, all human beings deserve to live in an environment that is conducive to their full health and wellness.

Making the decision to move into a nursing home facility may be a bit unappealing to seniors who wish to retain and maintain independence for as long as possible. Your loved ones may have concerns for your health and safety while you are living alone; which is why we provide all the home care assistance you need in the comfort of your own home!

Live-in, around-the-clock care is our central focus at TLC. Our experienced staff provides stellar home care services and a sense of security as you live your daily life. Allow us to provide you with a quality caregiver who has the compassionate skill you seek, your best interest at heart, whom you can trust to be the perfect fit for you as a companion. We want to give your loved ones peace of mind for those moments you cannot be around. We know life can be hectic, and your loved one is safe with us at TLC.

When meeting you for the first time, we will be able to create an individualized home care assistance plan, together, that best fits your medical, physical, emotional, and social needs. Not only will your plan be implemented properly with great care, but you will also receive the perfect companion for you. All of our caregivers are regularly trained and always given thorough background checks during the hiring process. We don’t take high-quality care lightly, it of the utmost importance to us that you are treated with respect, dignity, and love. We know our staff is truly stellar to be able to accommodate you in all of the ways you seek.

Along with the services listed at the beginning of this article, below are a few more things you can accept and request in our home healthcare services program:

▪ Supervision and assistance with personal care such as bathing and toileting
▪ Grocery shopping and other errands
▪ Maintaining a safe environment at home
▪ Personal care services (hair, manicure, pedicure)
▪ Life-Vac Emergency Care Systems
▪ Lawn maintenance, handyman & locksmith assistance if needed

If you are interested in receiving homecare Queens, visit our website to get your free virtual home healthcare assessment! Our user-friendly website also has a ton of resources for your to browse, such as a list of our comprehensive care services, FAQs, testimonials, checklists for keeping your home safe and secure, helpful tips for seniors and much more.

We are located in Forest Hills and Bethpage, NY! (516) 719-0909. Operating 24-hours a day, we are available to assist you at any time. Call us now! We’re excited to get to know you!