In-Home Care Queens

Do you have senior loved one who needs care? Do you prefer if they received the care at home?

Find In-Home Care Services In Queens

Well, TLC Homes is the best choice for in-home care Queens. We know that there is no environment good enough for the recovery of your loved one than their own home. That’s why we offer exceptional in-home care Queens services for you and your loved one.

Why Is In Home Good For You?

1. Peace Of Mind

If you choose our in-home care service, the best TLC caregivers will be there for your loved one when you can’t. Therefore, you can enjoy utmost peace of mind. Our professionals are trained and qualified to make the required corrections in home and ensure safety and independence for any seniors in their own homes.

2. Assistance With Daily Living Activities

TLC caregivers will help your senior loved one with their daily living activities to allow them to maintain proper quality of life. Some of the services we offer include:

• Meal preparation so that your loved ones can maintain their nutrition and diet.
• Transportation to doctor appointments to get proper care and instructions from their doctors.
• Medication reminders to ensure they take the required medication and get better.
• Supervision and the necessary assistance with personal care activities such as going to the toilet, personal grooming and many more.
• Social interaction and friendship allowing your senior loved ones to maintain a healthy life and avoid loneliness.
• Grocery shopping and other errands to make sure that your senior loved ones lead their normal lives without any interruptions.
• We also provide light housekeeping duties such as cleaning the house and doing laundry. With our in-home care service, we ensure that your senior loved ones live in a clean and healthy place to promote their recovery effortlessly.
• We maintain a safe environment at home by checking all the safety risks to avoid injuries or fatalities for your senior loved ones while they are under our care.

Without the professional expertise, you will have a hard time taking good care of your senior loved ones. Even worse, you might put them in a worse situation than they are in currently. Therefore, we offer the daily assistance that your senior loved ones need when you are not around.

3. Skilled Nursing Care

We have skilled nurses in our employ who can provide the best care to your loved ones at home. They are licensed, certified and knowledgeable about different types of care and will ensure that your loved ones receive the help they need medically.

If you have a loved one with complex medical needs, we will ensure they are met effortlessly.

4. Independence

When senior loved ones are registered at an elderly care facility, they often feel neglected. That’s why we offer the best in-home care services to allow them to recover in their home. Even better, we encourage independence for your senior loved ones and that’s why a home environment is the best choice for their care needs.

Talk About Your Options With TLC Now For In-Home Care Near Queens

Do you have a senior loved one who needs a lot of assistance? Well, you should contact TLC Companions now and get the help they need! We are here for you and your loved one!

We Home Care on Long Islandcan answer questions you may have, offer info on insurance participation and help you to schedule an appointment. TLC Companions participates in Medicaid programs as well.

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    TLC Companions are Family Owned and Operated by Robin and Greg Massimi and have been serving the community of Long Island & NYC for 30+ years.

    We provide long-term and short-term care on an hourly or live-in basis. Our caregivers will come to your home or assisted living facility to give you peace of mind that we care for your loved ones.


    “TLC is the BEST! My dad had Alzheimer’s, and I used various home care agencies with him (had assorted problems with all of them). When my aunt started needing care – around 4 years ago – I decided to give TLC a try, as the company was compatible with her Long Term Health Insurance. I have only one word to describe them after all this time – FANTASTIC! They are the most caring, connected, compassionate people around. I trust the girls completely with my aunt. I don’t know what I would do without them! I recommend them 100 million%, without reservation. They go above and beyond!”