In-Home Care WoodhavenThere are many reasons why seniors may end up living alone. The death of a spouse, children moving away to lead their own lives, and friends that are in a similar housebound position, are just some of the most common causes. It can be extremely difficult for the family to know what is best for their loved one, and making day-to-day decisions when you’re far away is nearly impossible.
TLC provides in-home care Woodhaven seniors can benefit from. It enables them to remain in their homes while getting the care and assistance they require.

Available When You Can’t Be

Trying to juggle your own life and caring for an elderly relative is an almost impossible task, especially if you have children and a career of your own. Our in-home care Woodhaven services effectively allow you to provide that level of care no matter the distance. Even if you’re at work, TLC companions can provide your loved one with the care and companionship they need.

Medical Care At Home

It is possible to receive specialized healthcare at home, without having to visit a hospital or other facility. This not only includes nursing but also access to specialist equipment. Even complex needs can be met with in-home services.

Support With Nutrition

As people age, their appetite tends to deplete. What’s more, many seniors are reluctant to cook proper meals for one, and some may not be able to stand for long enough or lift everything that’s needed to prepare a decent meal. Home care can incorporate home cooking and nutritional support to ensure the continued good health of the client.

Assistance With Medication

It is difficult for anybody to manage multiple medications. Some tablets need to be taken before meals, others after. Some drugs need to be taken daily while others are only required weekly. Our home care professionals will ensure that your loved one is taking the proper medication and at the right time.

Personalized Care

At TLC, we understand that every client has different requirements, and that those requirements can and will change over time. With every new client, and with the supervision and assistance of family members and professionals, we draw up a custom care plan. This includes all elements of care required, from light household duties to companionship and meal preparation. If the client’s needs change, we can adapt their care plan to suit.

More Affordable Than Hospital Care

Unfortunately, budget is a factor in some decisions. However, fortunately, this doesn’t mean that a person has to suffer as a result. Your loved one can receive companionship and professional care while remaining in the one place that they are comfortable and accustomed to, their home. As well as these benefits, home care tends to run a fraction of the price of facility or hospital care.

TLC In-Home Care Woodhaven

When a client first joins TLC, we will hold a consultation to determine their exact requirements. We will involve family members in these discussions and plans, and we will devise a roster that best suits everybody and that will ensure the continued care of the client. Contact us today to discuss a custom care plan for your loved one.