This is final installment of the three part blog discussing “Taking the Leap and Talking About Home Health Care”.  You need to always keep in mind when beginning the conversation that your loved one still has their independence and may not be thrilled about the idea of giving that up.

Taking the Leap and Talking About Home Health Care

Still, they are showing signs of mental decline or have possible been recently diagnosed with a serious medical condition that will impede their ability to care for themselves much longer. If this is the case, your instinct to have that conversation now instead of waiting until their condition progresses is right.

It’s never too early

Beginning the conversation early is key. Don’t wait until a serious medical condition forces you and your loved one into this conversation. This is where TLC Companions can help. We are there to aid you and your loved one every step of the way.

You catch more flies with honey

Using the right approach when speaking with your loved one about in-home care will make the difference in their level of cooperation or refusal. Talk about your concerns for their health and safety rather than what’s going wrong in them. Reassure them that in-home care will only add to their lives, not subtract and that you want to make sure that all their needs are going to be met every day.

Start slow

Sometimes, a full-time in-home care provider may not be necessary right away. Gradually implementing a home care plan by maybe having a provider come a couple of days a week to start may help your parents adjust to the idea.

And most importunately, Stay Positive!

This is a major change in your loved one’s life and they are bound to be nervous and maybe even as slightly resentful. So, stay as positive as you can throughout the process, pointing out what they can do instead of what they can’t.

Starting The Home Health Care Conversation

Starting The Home Health Care ConversationEmphasizing their freedom to make their own choices will also assure them that they have not lost control. Let your loved ones know that not only can you collaborate to create the best home care plan, but you can also interview possible caregivers together.

We hope you enjoyed our series “Taking the Leap and Talking About Home Health Care”. Please remember TLC Companions is always here for you and your loved ones to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable with all decisions.