Tips for Preventing Your Elderly Dad Falls At Home | TLC Companions Home CareSearching for how to prevent elderly slips or falls at home?  Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans. Recovering from a fall can be expensive, and it can even cost you your life.

This is also a reason why it’s crucial to be aware of the danger and to take preventive measures. In this blog, we have listed some tips for preventing your elderly dad falls at home suggested by professional of home health care in Massapequa.

Tips for Limiting The Chances Slips or Falls

Emergency Monitoring System – Keep a cordless or cellular phone within reach in the most frequently used areas of the home.

Pets And Children Stationary – Children and pets have been known to cause falls and injuries by merely getting underfoot.

Use seating with sturdy armrests – Sturdy armrests can make getting out of chairs more comfortable on stiff legs.

Adding Slip-Resistant Tape – Grip tape can be especially useful on stair treads. Also, avoid taking the stairs in socks or loose-fitting shoes or slippers.

Replace Laminate Flooring – It may be low-maintenance, but it can be pretty unforgiving in the case of a fall. And consider placing non-slip pads close to the shower or tub as possible.

Mobility Tools – Try out stabilizing devices such as a walker or a car cane.

Add Grip Bars – Install grip bars near beds, toilets, showers, and bathtubs. These minor enhancements can be a major convenience well before they are needed for safety.

Relocate Obstacles – Clear obstacles like low-sitting furnishings, rolling furniture or loose floor coverings from high-traffic areas.

Wrapping Up How to Prevent Elderly Slips or Falls At Home?

Even though fixing these things, you can’t prevent your elderly completely from accidents happens, and you can’t monitor then always.

So to prepare yourself before there’s an accident hiring the right caregiver for home health care services in NY is essential. They not only care for elderly but also offers health and companion care on an hourly and live-in basis.

Choose TLC Companions For Home Health Care Services

Hiring a knowledgeable professional can help your elderly family member by being a companion, and help with other personal needs. TLC home health care service providers will take care of more common tasks while you are at work.

Such as, cooking, companionship and conversation, driving and transportation needs, helping with using the bathroom, meal planning and preparation & running errands and shopping. They can even take your loved one to the doctor in case of emergencies.

Browse online, and do more research to find the best home healthcare agencies in Long Island. Contact and interview them to check whether they are right for your loved parent or grandparent.