Home Health Care JamaicaCaring for a loved one who is ill at home is a time-consuming and often frustrating task. It can get in the way of work, socializing, family duties and even completing the most basic daily tasks. TLC Home Health Care Jamaica offers a range of  benefits to both you and your loved ones:

1. Companionship

A home health care companion is not just there to provide for the basic needs of the ones in their care. They are there to provide companionship – someone to talk to, to laugh with and even a shoulder to cry on. The psychological side-effects of an illness or being unable to care for oneself are often aggravated by loneliness. Research shows that people recovering at home from an illness or injury as well as the elderly fare better when they have someone around who is friendly, compassionate and caring.

2. Familiar Surroundings

Research has also found that patients and those who require partial or round-the-clock care fare better than those who receive the same care in a nursing home or other type of care facility. The familiar surroundings of their own home and people that they love have a beneficial impact on their overall health and well-being. Physical health can often be affected by mental state of being and vice versa.

3. Nutrition

The elderly and those who are unwell are often unable to provide for their own nutritional needs. Preparing meals is often a challenge and lack of appetite can affect the ill and the elderly. Home health care Jamaica will take care of meal preparation, serving meals as well as assist with feeding where necessary. TLC health care companions will ensure that meals are healthy and meet the daily nutritional requirements for better health and overall well-being.

4. Independence

Home health care assures greater independence for a person requiring care. A trusted companion can run errands on behalf of the person or take and collect them from appointments. This will ensure that their medical needs are seen to and that they have the ability to complete basic tasks such as paying bills, going shopping or even visiting friends. TLC home health care companions understand the importance of maintaining a sense of independence.

5. Dignity

Basic hygiene and grooming often suffer as a result of an illness or the inability to perform basic tasks. A home health care companion will assist with bathing, brushing teeth, going to the toilet and other basic hygiene needs as required by a specific person. Personal grooming such as styling hair, shaving, applying make-up and dressing play an important role in retaining dignity and self-esteem. These services can also be provided by a trained and professional health care companion.

TLC will tailor the services that they provide for home health care Jamaica to meet the specific needs of the person requiring care as well as their loved ones. Partial day care or full-time care packages that include some of the above benefits or comprehensive care are available to meet every need.