In-Home Care Garden CityDo you have a loved one who needs round the clock care? Do you have a hard time taking care of them? Well, TLC Companions is here to help. We offer hourly, daily and live in assistance for your loved one to ensure peace of mind and overall independence. We are the best in-home care Garden City because we are dedicated and reliable for all our patients.

Why Choose Us?

Over the last few years, we have become a niche leader for in-home care Garden City because of the following reasons.

1. Saving Costs

Do you have a loved one who needs assistance with their daily activities yet you can’t afford signing up for long-term care in a facility? Well, our in-home care is the best choice for you. Our caregiver will provide in-home care for your loved one allowing you to reduce the cost of taking care of them.

2. Promoting Independence

Regardless of what your loved one is suffering from, they love the independence of recuperating from their own home. Sometimes, when seniors are signed up in a long-term care facility, they will feel neglected by their loved ones.

Well, we can take care of them from their home allowing them to be around the things and people they love. It’s a proven way of faster recovery and overall independence. It’s also the best way for your senior loved ones to maintain their dignity as they receive the care they need.

3. Peace Of Mind

If you are worried that your loved one can’t take care of themselves, our in-home care will give you peace of mind. If you are too busy with your job or other responsibilities, you can rest assured that your parents or grandparents are receiving the care they need from their home. Also, your loved one doesn’t need to worry about going to a long-term care facility because they have the help they need from their home.

4. Ensuring Safety

As your loved one becomes older, you might be worried that they will harm themselves in their home. The elderly are at a huge risk of serious injuries from slip and falls because they have poor vision, mobility, hearing and balance. Being in unfamiliar places will increase the risk of such injuries.

For instance, they might not have anticipated rugs or steps in advance thereby losing their balance. Our in-home care ensures that they get the help they need in a familiar environment. Therefore, there will be no surprises because they are in their homes.

5. Assistance With Daily Activities

As your loved ones become older, they will have a hard time taking care of themselves. Our in-home care ensures that your loved ones receive the assistance they need with their daily activities.

Our professional caregivers will provide help when it comes to meal preparations, medication reminders, grooming assistance, grocery shopping, errands, housekeeping and transportation to doctor appointments. Even better, they will serve as companions to make sure your loved ones don’t feel neglected or lonely.

If your loved one needs the best in-home care services in Garden City, call us now.