Home Health Care Nassau

TLC Companions provides quality Home Health Care Nassau.  With this service, you will be able to allow your loved one to remain in their home.  They wouldn’t be able to stay home safely alone, but their companion will ensure their safety.  When you opt for Home Health Care, you honor your loved one’s wishes.  You also get peace of mind.

With this Home Health Care Nassau, a companion will ensure that the home environment is safe.  They will look for any fall hazards and remove them.  They will provide meal prep so that your loved one doesn’t injure themselves or their home with the stove.  This will ensure that your parent will eat three meals daily.  You may have noticed that your loved one has lost some weight despite being given a clean bill of health.  This could be because often, the elderly don’t eat while they are alone for fear of choking.  This fear is removed when they have a daily caregiver present not only preparing their meal, but sitting with them.

In addition to meal prep, medication reminders are a daily occurrence.  You won’t have to worry about missed or improper doses.  Their companion will remind them when to take their meds, how much to take and how they should take it.  This is yet another way Home Health Care Nassau will help ease your mind.

Does your parent or grandparent have a regular visits to the doctor? With TLC’s Home Health Care Nassau, this burden is lifted from you.  Their companion will provide transportation to and from doctor visits!  They will also run errands and grocery shop.  This allows more time for you to spend actually visiting your loved one rather than performing your duties. 

While all of these services are needed and appreciated, the most vital component of this care is the companionship.  Your loved one will have activities to do, and remain engaged socially.  Their companions will provide friendship, conversation and relationship.  This has such a positive impact on the elderly.  Without this socialization, the elderly often become lonely.  In more serious cases, this can cause depression.

If you are interested in learning more about this care, click here.  Our representatives will work with you every step of the way.