Home Health Care Suffolk

Are you aware of the benefits TLC Companions Home Health Care Suffolk?  It’s a wonderful way of honoring your elderly loved one’s wishes of staying in their home.  You may not think that they can safely stay home.  You may be right – if they are alone.  But by choosing Home Health Care Suffolk, they can stay home and thrive.

The first benefit is of course, companionship.  This is so important.  Everyone, but especially the elderly, need to socialize and remain active and engaged.  It stimulates their mind and makes them feel connected.  When you hire a TLC Companion for Home Health Care Suffolk, your loved one gets that and so much more.  Their companion is carefully chosen.  Each client is reviewed and each companion is carefully chosen. Each employee passes a background check and physical before being considered. They are thoroughly screened to ensure that only the most qualified applicants are hired.

This companion will take care of things such as errands, transportation to doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping.  He or she will also be responsible for meal preparation.  This should set your mind at ease knowing that your loved one won’t hurt themselves with utensils or the stove.  Additionally, you can be confident in the fact that your loved one is eating safely.  Many times, elderly people will avoid meals because they are afraid to eat alone.  With TLC’s Home Health Care Suffolk, your parent’s home will be kept neat with light housekeeping and laundry.  They will also help with personal grooming and dressing as needed.  You will never have to worry about missed medication or improper dosages.  The TLC Companion will be responsible for medication reminders at the proper time and for the proper amount. 

If you’ve read this and would like some more information on how TLC Companions can help your situation, click here.